Silver Bluff Village
Frequently Asked Questions – Frequently Given Answers

How old is Silver Bluff Village?

In 1962, Iola and Levon Kenny purchased what had once been the old county home and began operating it as Pigeon Valley Rest Home.  In 1984, Silver Bluff was built and run by Jean Longley (the daughter of Iola and Levon) and her husband, Max.  In 1993, the first duplex was built as an independent living facility (known as The Bluffs).  The child day care center was added in 1995; Arrowhead Cove Assisted Living in 1999; and Silver Bluff Rehab in 2010.

Who operates Silver Bluff Village?

Lisa Leatherwood is the Administrator and third generation family member to operate the facilities that are today known as Silver Bluff Village. Her husband, Bob, is the Chief Financial Officer.  
How many employees are at Silver Bluff Village?

There are approximately 195 (+/-) employees at Silver Bluff Village.

How many residents live at Silver Bluff Village?

In all four levels of care there is space for more than 197 residents.  There are 124 beds for residents in Silver Bluff's Skilled Nursing facility.  At Pigeon Valley Rest Home there are 29 residents who live at this level of care.  In Arrowhead Cove Assisted Living, there are 20 units available for residents.  The number of residents who live in The Bluffs (independent living) varies, depending upon the number of married couples and singles in the duplexes and A-Frame at any given time. Twenty residents can be cared for at any given time at Silver Bluff Rehab.

How does one become a resident of Silver Bluff Village?

In many cases, a person becomes a resident of Silver Bluff Village by completing a "Pre-Admission Application" and providing medical information from the primary physician who attends to the applicant.  The application materials are submitted to the Director of Admissions of Silver Bluff Village for review.  If the application is accepted, arrangements will be made for the applicant to become a resident.  In the event there is no available space (at the time the application materials are received) the applicant may be placed on a "waiting list" until the appropriate space is available and the admission process may proceed.  In addition, potential residents may be referred directly from an acute care hospital by a "discharge planner" (social worker).  When a referral is received, in this manner, it will be reviewed and if possible an admission will be arranged.

What does it cost to live at Silver Bluff Village?

The rates vary for the different levels of care.  Please see the "Current Rates" sheet that is available at the "Information Center for Silver Bluff Village", located near the main entrance to Silver Bluff Nursing Home. You can contact us at (828) 549-0301 or wecare@silverbluffvillage.com.

How do the bills get paid for the residents of Silver Bluff Village?

Silver Bluff Village accepts payment from any of the following sources: private funds, long-term care insurance companies, Medicare, Medicaid, and supplemental insurance companies.  The payment source will depend upon the level of care and the services provided for the resident. For additional information please contact the Administrator, the Director of Nursing, the Business Office Manager, the Accounts Receivable Clerk, or the Director of Admissions of Silver Bluff Village at 828-648-2044. 

What services are offered at Silver Bluff Village?

Silver Bluff Village offers the following services to the residents: skilled nursing care, medication management, physical/occupational/speech therapy, rehabilitative and restorative programs, activities designed for the specific needs of each resident, palliative and Hospice care, therapeutic recreation, social services, financial planning assistance, etc.

What is the "Eden Alternative Approach" to long-term care?

Silver Bluff Village is committed to the "Eden Alternative Approach" to long-term care.  This approach understands that loneliness, helplessness, and boredom account for much of the suffering experienced by residents of long-term care facilities.  By using animals, plants, and children Silver Bluff Village seeks to help the residents overcome these sources of suffering and experience an enhanced quality of life.

Who oversees the quality of care provided to the residents of Silver Bluff Village?

Silver Bluff Village is properly licensed to provide long-term health care by the State of North Carolina.  
All facilities are in compliance with the standards and regulations of the State Fire Marshall's Office.   Silver Bluff Village is subject to periodic inspections, evaluations, audits, and surveys by various local, state, and federal agencies.  For specific information related to the results of these inspections, evaluations, audits, and surveys please see the Administrator and/or postings at various locations in the facilities. 

For additional information please contact Silver Bluff Village 
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